Sunday, September 08, 2013

By The Numbers 36/52

A bit of a meh week all around.

Net Cash: -$566.11
Bike repairs, several taxis due to not being able to use the bike and just not having time to wait around for public transport, and too much buying lunch at work. This does pretty much balance out with my tax return from a few weeks ago.
Jobs Applied for: 3
I got motivated this evening.

Net Calories: 689 Calories
Not enough exercise and eating too much. This may also be a low figure as I'm sure I missed some items during the week.
Fitocracy points: 0
Weight: 92 kg
The adventure of the sore knee continues. After getting the MRI, the report said there may be an undisplaced fracture in my tibia (a bit above where I broke it a few years ago). Since my health insurance won't chip in for a specialist, I was referred to the logan hospital, and they were surprisingly quick in giving me an appointment, and work was really good in giving me the time off to go to the appointment. The specialists there weren't too sure, but want to be careful so gave me some crutches and said not to put my full weight on the leg for two weeks, when I'm to go back and they'll see what has progressed. When I said it may be awkward to carry the crutches while riding to work on the bike, they said I shouldn't do that either. So the 2 hour commute each way continues. I'm hoping in two weeks they'll just say it was a bit of an over reaction and all is fine, but in the mean time I'm finding that the only thing harder than using crutches when you can't use your leg is using crutches when you can use your leg but shouldn't, as it is oh so tempting just to cheat (which I am doing at home, but too make up for it I am being even lazier and sitting down even more (which takes some work)).

Bike riding: 12 km
I cheated and rode the bike home from the repair shop. Now it won't get another run until Tuesday week (hopefully I'll be allowed to walk normally and ride again after then).
Books read: 0
Would be more if I could count policy documents as books.
Games Played: 1. Ticket To Ride: Team Asia (and a record high score of 230, and the margin was 88 points). I missed out an a Magic: The Gathering event due to work. Apparently they were giving away copies of a card I'd really like for my collection as a bonus for attending.
Political Parties reviewed: 14
Finished the Party Games project just in time
Votes cast: 2
Senate and House of Representatives.
Times despaired at the collective decision of Australia: too many to count
Miniatures received: 200+
I got my Reaper Bones kickstarter set this week. Now to get some paint and start making them look good.

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