Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Games 39/54 The 23 Million

The 23 Million are a group who are not about governing but are instead promoting a full review of our system of government. They want this to be carried out by a group of 150 randomly selected citizens, which is where they start to lose me.

They also want to use random selection to pick their candidates. For each state they would pick two groups of people, the first being potential candidates and the second choosing from among the first.

I do like the idea of a review of the system of government, but I'd like to see it institutionalised, rather than being a once off thing. Every 50 or 100 years, we could all sit down and say this bit of the constitution worked, this bit didn't, this bit doesn't really make sense anymore since it doesn't take a month to get from Perth to Canberra anymore, do we want to adjust which powers go to the federal government and which go to the states, do we want to add a bill of rights. Give it a big build up and really work to get people engaged.

The 23 Million aren't running any candidates this election as organizing everything took a bit more work than they expected. Maybe 2016

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