Monday, September 23, 2013

By The Numbers 38/52

The general mood at the moment is FML. No individual issue is too bad or annoying, but the cumulative weight is getting to me.

Net Cash: -$40.59
Less income, higher transport costs.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: too many
forgot to keep track for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and well aware that I ate too much on those days (especially Sunday where I was just constantly hungry. Many a museli bar was eaten that day)
 Fitocracy points: 0
With one leg out of action, whatever momentum in doing exercise I'd built up has gone away
Weight: 93 kg
Fortunately this hasn't gone up yet with my inactivity. Let's hope it stays that way.

Books read: 1 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. I stand by my assessment from last week while part way through in that it is a pale imitation of Against a Dark Background (set in a solar system with conflict brewing, initiated by the death of family members, a quest that takes the characters to interesting places in said solar system, enigmatic technologies with uncertain motives (on this particular point, the Lazy Gun beats qubes hands down)) with a few specific features that tend to pop up in KSR's work (a focus on politics and a strong belief in individual action on grand scales).
Games played: A handful of games of Magic: The Gathering
Bones painted: 1 following on from the coffin last week, this week is an alter in a similar color scheme. The current work in progress is a treasure chest.

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