Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Game 34/54 One Nation

One Nation and it's founder Pauline Hanson have quite a bit of notoriety, having coming in from the extreme right back in the Howard days and since then have had their ups and downs. They had a bit of success at their first state election in QLD, but not much since then. This year Pauline Hanson is running for the senate in NSW.

Policy wise they are nationalistic, protectionist, and jingoistic. They want tariffs on imports, restrictions on immigration, a hard line on refugees, having everyone be fingerprinted to verify you're entitled to government benefits like medicare, restrictions on foreign investment,  subsidies for Australian car makers, and for the carbon tax to be scrapped.

There are a few things in their policies I do like. Greater financial support for university students is one. Their pro-euthanasia stance is the other.

One Nation are also a stand out for another reason. Of all the parties I have sent an email to with questions about their policies, they are the only party to have responded.

One Nation has senate candidates in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and West Australia.

twitter: @HansonSenateNSW

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