Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Games 31/54 Nick Xenophon Group

Even though it sounds like a one man band, the Nick Xenophon Group is on the AEC's list of registered parties, so they get a look in.

Started by Nick Xenophon in South Australia, they focus on a few specific issues. The main issue for the group is pokie machines, which they don't like. And when you consider Aussies lose $19 billion to the pokies each year, it's not hard to see why (I mainly oppose them because they're boring and involve no skill and so don't really see the appeal beyond ooh pretty lights).

They are for stricter labeling of imports, support a more expensive version of the coalition's direct action plan on climate change and the repeal of the carbon tax, and their concern over the fact that Woolworths, Colesand Aldi have a combined 80% of the market share for grocery stores while only employing 43% of people in the industry makes me wonder if they've never heard of this thing called efficiencies of scale.

The Nick Xenophon Group are running 2 senate candidates in South Australia.

twitter: @Nick_Xenophon

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