Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Games 38/54 Senator Online

Senator Online is a new concept in party. They have no actual policies, instead saying that any elected senators will vote based on the result of an online poll. Part of the reason for this is that they feel the majority view has been left out of politics by too many minority voices.

So with no official policies other than putting everything up to the whim of people on the internet, it's a bit hard to judge them. They have some celebrity names for the senate in NSW (Tim Ferguson, Tony Barry, and Don McKinnon), but for the rest of Australia the candidates are more regular everyday types.

Senator Online has candidates for the senate in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria.

twitter: @senatoronline

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Joum said...

OnlineDirectDemocraticMedia #o2dm is the governance of the future. Why be at the mercy of the whim of politicians when we can gather the collective wisdom of the people.

The words change the whole character of the statement.

You are a person and your opinion could be considered a whim. I think every persons opinion should be respected, including yours. This is why I believe o2dm is the system that will change the world.

The 'little people' have had to battle monarchies and dictators to get the slightly better ability to elect our leaders, but still those leaders are not truly attuned to the best interests of the people.

Senator Online #solaus and o2dm is the next big player in Sociocultural Evolution.
LB Joum QLD senate candidate and philosophical activist.