Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Unexpected Sources

Last Saturday I was at a different school than normal and met someone new in voice. It was a housewife who was a little different. Since it was the first time I'd met her I asked the usual get to know someone questions, job, hobbies, likes, etc. The surprising bit was that she liked heavy metal music, and surprisingly, when I mentioned what would be the closest thing to my favorite heavy metal band, Apocalyptica (since they play cellos, it doesn't really count as pure heavy metal), she actually knew who the hell I was talking about. Then came the devastating blow. Apparently, Apocalyptica had performed a concert in Tokyo in May, and she had gone.

God Damn.

If I had known, I'd have definitely made the trip to Tokyo for that. To put it alliteratively, Apocalyptica are awesome.

Ah well, yet another disappointment in life.

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Hewhoblogs said...

Unless you can read Italian then Paradise Lost is a much better choice than the Divine Comedy. But I hate Milton as a man so it was with great reluctance that I cast my vote.

Something else: Don Quixote!