Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okinawa Day 2

My second day in Okinawa was not quite as exciting as the first. I slept in a bit, then walked down to the nearest MacDonalds for breakfast. As I got there, it started raining, so I stayed a bit longer than I normally would. When the rain looked like it was easing off, I left, but almost immediately it picked up again, so I popped into a convenience store and bought an umbrella. I went back to the hostel to wait out the rain.

At about noonish it looked fine, so I decided to walk to a nearby beach. After spiralling around for a while, I finally found the beach. I sat down on the beach and rented an umbrella (I actually just tried to open an umbrella on the beach and a guy came up and told me it was a rental, so I just gave him some money). However, after about half an hour the heavy rain came back suddenly so I and everyone else on the beach ran for the shelter of the nearby buildings. After the rain eased off again I said to hell with this and went back to the hostel to change clothes as I was somewhat drenched.

I decided that my alternative activity would be to see a movie. I got to the cinemas at about 4, and the next English movie on was Die Hard 4 at 5. So I decided to hang around (the cinema was in a mall which I wandered around in. On a related note Transformers toys for the current movie seem a lot cruder and less sophisticated than the ones I remember from my youth.) Anyway, the movie wasn't too bad, the scenario, tech and action was a bit more implausible than previous Die Hards, but it was still fun to watch.

After that I had dinner at a steak bar near the hostel, I had a nice awamori cocktail with some good steak, although the steak didn't come with anything else.

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SpacePup said...

Glad you had a nice time Kevin :)