Saturday, July 28, 2007


So, a few days after getting back from Okinawa, where there was a decided lack of time spent on the beach, on Tuesday (24/7/07) I caught the bus to Shirahama with a group of friends from around here. Here we spent 3 days on the beach. We camped out on the beach at night, and left only to find somewhere for meals, and to visit the convenience stores for supplies.

Generally it was a good and stress free time. We all got a bit sunburnt in different places depending on what individuals wore and where they put sunscreen. On Wednesday night we lit a bunch of fireworks we bought at the local convenience store. One we weren't sure which was up, and got it wrong, sending it flying along the beach, passing only a few meters away from another group of people.

We were most active on the first day. The second day was mostly spent sitting in the shade, trying to avoid getting more sunburnt. Day three was similar, but we weren't quite so scared of the sun, although we were getting a bit tired of not sleeping on a futon and having access to a hot shower. We had lunch and hung around the cafe for a while, then went to a hotel bar and mooched around for about an hour or so on one drink.

The bus ride back was slower than the ride to the beach, due to some traffic issues on the way.

I got sunburnt worst on my feet, so much so that wearing shoes to work today was quite uncomfortable

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