Friday, July 20, 2007

Okinawa Day 4

Day 4 in Okinawa was mostly relaxed, but there were a few events of note. The usual breakfast (MacDonalds bacon & egg muffin meal), then I checked out of the hostel, but was able to leave my bag there for the day.

First on the agenda was to buy a yukata (a Japanese summer style kimono) as work was planning a yukata party on Sunday, and I wouldn't really have time to buy one back in Osaka before then. After wandering around a little I found a shop that had a bunch of kimono looking things, and in my poor Japanese first asked "kore wa yukata desuka?" (is this a yukata?), and getting an "iie" in response, followed with "yukata wa arimasuka?" (are there yukatas?) whereupon I was led to a different section of the shop. They gave me one to try on, a large (yukatas don't come in many sizes, and since the average foreigner is bigger than the average Japanese person, large was realistically the only one that would fit. The length is about right, but the sleeves are a little shorter than they should be. After some confusion over the name of some colours I finally picked out a yukata that is dark blue in colour, with some sort of pattern on it (it looks like some sort of lamp thingy). As later events would show, this purchase would be very fortunate.

After this I went to one of the parks to relax for a while. I did a bit of reading, played some more Phoenix Wright, and then decided to do some juggling. I did this for a while, practising some routines, then 3 balls in one hand (I can kind of do this now, but I have too move a lot). The juggling ended when I lunged to catch the balls and heard a rip. I looked down and the inside right leg of my shorts was torn from where the legs meet in the middle to the hem. I quickly sat down on the bench and considered my options. Walking down the streets in my shorts like this was not an option. The solution to how to get back to the hostel to my bag and a new pair of shorts: the yukata. I put on the yukata and headed back to the hostel. I got a few odd looks on my way, and learnt I couldn't really use my normal stride in a yukata (I'm sure you can work out why). Anyway, I got back to the hostel, changed pants and then went back out into the world, sans yukata. I had lunch, and decided to head over to the Naha museum to kill some time. Unfortunately, the museum was closed, so I got some icecream at the Hageen Daas that was below the museum. After that I decided to call it a day and go to the airport.

My flight arrived in Kobe on time at 8:25, and I was home between 9:30 and 10.

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