Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okinawa Day 1

An early start, getting up at around 6:30, to catch a 7:17 train to Kobe, and then another train out to the airport, arriving at the airport at around 8:45. Check in was no hassle, although it was a bit funny that getting your boarding pass and checking your luggage are two seperate processes over here. The flight was about two hours, and then another 15-20 minutes on the monorail. The guest house I was staying at (props to Guest House Sora, a very good place to stay if you happen to be in Naha). I dropped my bag at the guest house, and then wandered around town for a while. I had lunch at KFC (my dining habits in Naha were particularly unadventurous), then decided to visit one of the parks nearby. After a fair bit of walking (I ended up walking in a contracting spiral around the park before finally finding it. I sat in the park and read for a while as well as playing a bit of Phoenix Wright. It started raining after a while, pretty heavy rain, but I was under a shelter so it wasn't a problem. There were a lot of cicadas in the park which made a heap of noise when the rain started, and at times their flight reminded me of The Birds.

When the rain finally stopped at around five I headed back to the guest house to check in properly (pay the bill and get my key, etc), chatted with a few other guests and then headed out to dinner. I had dinner at the Cowboy Steakhouse, which was probably a bit to pricey for what you got, but had good steak and a nice and tall mango daiquiri. I then stopped into a bar called Zero Ichi K (01K on the sign) and hung out there for a while. Two marines came in a little later, and I talked with them and played darts against them (I won two games of 301, lost at cricket and a round of count up). 01K was pretty cheap, but mostly because of their very generous definition of happy hour (7pm-2am is what I recall on the sign).

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