Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Okinawa Bound

Next week I get my next four day weekend. The plan for this one is Okinawa. It's summer, there are beaches, plus it seems such a waste to have so much time off and not go somewhere further afield.

Today I sorted out tickets and accomodation. All without leaving my room. The internet is a wonderful thing. The hostel will be a bit cheaper, and I don't expect to spend quite so much on trains and entry fees, so it may end up being about the same cost as my trip to Tokyo.

My main plan for what to do in Okinawa is to lie on the beach and read. On that topic, I'm not sure what to read so have decided to try a new blogger feature. There is a poll for what book I should read while in Okinawa. I may also visit Okinawa castle, but I doubt I'll do that much sightseeing.

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