Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party Games 26/54 Family First

Family First. Putting families first. But only if your family is mum, dad, 2.3 kids, and god. A tax plan based on the appeal of round numbers, outright denial of climate change, and zero tolerance on drugs round out the conservative checklist.

Their tax plan is 20/20/20. That's like 20 times better than 20/20, which is perfect or something. More seriously, their plan is 20% flat income tax with a 20k tax free threshold and 20% company tax. No indication of what they'll cut to make up for all the lost revenue, and no recognition of why flat taxes are bad. They also want to end transfers between state and federal government, instead expecting each to raise their own funds (currently federal raises a lot of money through income tax, the GST, and company taxes of which a large chunk gets funneled to the states).

Family First has candidates for the senate in all 6 states.

twitter: @familyfirstaust

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