Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party Games 21/54 Citizen's Electoral Council

There's a man named Lyndon LaRouche. He's a bit of a nutjob who has made a habit of running for President over in america. And he has an Australian fan club, the Citizen's Electoral Council.

The position of the Citizen's Electoral Council is a bit hard to get your head around. At least it is once that start explaining the reasons behind the policy. A lot of it has to do with a conspiracy involved the British Royal family still controlling everything for the benefit of the financial firms in the City of London (the dutch are mixed up in there as well somehow).

So where does this lead them to. They want a reorganization of the entire world finance system, and a return to fixed exchange rates (ask the UK or Argentina how trying to maintain an exchange rate worked for them). They want Australia to become a US style republic, set up a national bank to give out loans at 2% interest rates, prohibit foreclosures on homes and farms, nationalize mining and oil and gas production

On the plus side, they are very keen on building infrastructure such as railways, expanding public health services, are pro nuclear power, and want to start up an Australian space program.

The Citizen's Electoral Council has candidates for the senate in Victoria and the Northern Territory


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