Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Party Games 13/54 Australian Sports Party

The Australian Sports Party has a pretty clear focus. Sports. They want us to play more sports. Apparently this is the cornerstone of Australian society and we need to be doing more of it. This is the key to building strong communities and healthy Australians.

Given that I'm not much of an athlete, this is a tough sell to me. The physical exercise I do tends to be of a solitary nature, and trying to cajole me into a team sport isn't going to work. I do broadly support their aims, but question why they need to be a political party to achieve them And it's not like sport doesn't get plenty of government support anyway. From Abbot promising the Broncos a few million before the debate there to the ongoing funding of the AIS, sport gets a pretty easy ride.

Maybe if they were to encourage the sports I like I might be more receptive. Promising support for non-mainstrream sports such as chess boxing, Johan Sebastian Joust, and esports like competitive Starcraft might catch my attention, but they've not done that. They are a blokes party for those who enjoy blokey sports.


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