Saturday, June 16, 2007

What's Cooking

Or more to the point, who's cooking? The answer is me. This week, for the first time since in Japan (and probably a week or two before I left Australia) I cooked my dinner.

On Tuesday night I cooked chicken alfredo a la me, for which a vital ingredient is a continental pasta and sauce packet mix. I got one of these and a packet of macaroni from a guy at work who picked them up for me on a recent return trip to Australia.

Lesson from cooking: while beef is ridiculously expensive. chicken seems to be dirt cheap (two breast fillets for 260 yen, although tonight that much only bought me one fillet. In any case 520 yen for three fillets is pretty good). I think I shall have to explore the possibilities of chicken, and cook more often. Perhaps it is time to read the cookbook my uncle got me for Christmas (I'd been planning on saving that for when I moved somewhere I had plans to cook).

Anyway, I foresee more cooking in my future, and unfortunately but consequently, more washing up.

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