Saturday, June 16, 2007

To Tokyo

Tomorrow night I head off to Tokyo. I'm catching the nightbus (ニトーブス) which leaves at 10pm tomorrow night, which should get into Tokyo around 6am on Monday. I'll spend the day wandering around somewhat in a haze due to likely sleep deprivation (I've heard the nightbus is not very comfortable), before checking into my hostel around 3 pm. I'll probably have a nap before heading out to try and sample the nightlife. I'll also try and buy a shinkansen ticket for the return trip on Thursday.

I have no definite plans for what I'll do while there, but have a lonely planet with a big list of things to do. Plus, yesterday was payday, so I have plenty of cash at the moment to make sure I enjoy myself.

I'm not going to take my laptop, but I will be gadgeted up. I'm taking my phone, iPod and DS (mainly to check email, not to play games, although maybe while traveling to a from places). Plus the chargers for each of these items. I'm going to pack my big backpack tomorrow morning before leaving for work early (I left my keys at a different school today, so have to head out there first. Luckily it's just the next station, so I only need to head in 15 minutes or so earlier than normal.). After work, I'll come back home, have a shower, grab my stuff and head into Umeda to catch the bus. I'm going to make sure I get in early, to make sure the place I think is the bus departure point is actually the bus departure point.

Selected photos and stories will be posted upon my return, and perhaps earlier if I get so motivated.

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