Saturday, June 16, 2007

Under the Umbrella

Last Sunday it rained. A lot. Suddenly. While I was on the train I noticed nothing (although I was listening to my iPod and playing on my DS so that doesn't say a lot). As I got up the escalators at the station I heard a great rumbling noise and looked up through the clear retractable (though not at that time) roof to see a great downpour. So great that I decided I could not just run through it and be acceptably dry for work. And so I bought an umbrella. Of course by the time I got into the open, I perhaps could have run quick enough, but I had the umbrella so I used it.

Sidetrack: I don't really like using umbrellas. I'll only use them when I'll get drenched no matter what. I'd much rather trust to a jacket and hat to keep me dry than an umbrella. Only when the rain is beyond that level of protection will I consider an umbrella.

Anyway, back on track. At the start of my lunch break, the rain seemed to have cleared up so I went out without my newly purchased umbrella. While I was eating lunch in a restaurant (I think it was Mos Burger) it picked up again. So while I was walking back to the office (school, I'm never sure which one to use. Maybe I should stick to work.) a student with an umbrella came over and let me walk under the umbrella with them. I thought this was very nice and was quite grateful, although I'm not quite sure how to act with students outside of work (NOVA's no fraternisation policy seems somewhat harsh). Usually I'll just say hi in passing, but would not stop and chat.

Not sure where else to go with this post, so here it shall end.

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