Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tokyo Day 2

Slept in a bit. Got breakfast from a nearby Lawsons (cheese karage, a banana and an orange juice) which I ate while planning the day. Thanks to a map on the table at the hostel, I learnt that Asakusa shrine was quite close, and so decided that would be my first destination.

After I ate breakfast and read my emails, I walked down to Asakusa shrine. On the way, I passed a weird toy shop and a restaurant that advertised Okinawan cuisine. After about 15 minutes I reached the front of Asakusa shrine. Between the entrance and the shrine proper is a street of shops, a bit like that at Kiyomizu, but not as long. I looked at some of the shops there, mainly those selling yukatas, but they only had yukatas with patterns on them, and I'd prefer a plain one. I also saw this shirt at one of the shops. The shrine itself was pretty good, with a large main shrine and then a number of smaller shrines surrounding it.

After Asakusa, I headed over to Ueno to visit Ueno Park (うえのこえん). This park is full of statues, shrines, fountains, homeless guys, galleries, more fountains, giant heads (although not the Face of Bo), a zoo I didn't go to, cats, and more.

I then headed over to Akihabara, the Den Den town of Tokyo. Lots of computer and electronics stores, as well as comic book type shops. I saw one shop with a famicon (the Japanese version of a NES) and some old school LCD Nintendo games. The problem with the comic shops was that there was no clear separation between the ordinary comics and games which I'm interested in and the hentai which I'm not. In fact, a lot of the time they were mixed together. I didn't take many pictures here, as it's much the same as computer and comics shops all over the place.

I headed back to the hostel after that, and went to dinner at the Okinawan restaurant, which was dissapointing as the food was small (on a large plate) and expensive. It was good, but for that much money, you should get more. I went to Bar JD's Style for a few drinks, then called it a night.

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