Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quintessentially Fungible

For the last few days I got to catch up with a good friend who came to the land of the rising sun for a few days. JP came for a few days on his way back to Australia from China. On the few cases where it has happened it has been really good to get together with someone I've known for longer than the time I've been in Japan.

I had to work on the days JP was here, so things were a bit more rushed, but seems to have been compensated by later than usual nights.

It is significantly easier to talk about things with someone I've known for quite a while. It was quite helpful to talk about some things with another human being, rather than keeping them bottled in inside.

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Anonymous said...

Are you implying that JP is a human being? :p

Esonlinji said...

at least a reasonable approximation thereof