Friday, June 22, 2007

Tokyo Day 4

The final day in Tokyo. The plan for today was to visit Harajuku, Meiji Jingu, Tokyo Tower and Ginza. This plan did not quite get fulfilled. I first headed over to Meiji Jingu, a shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and the Empress Shoken. The shrine is in another of Tokyo's huge parks. The walk from the entrance to the shrine is nice, with old fashioned fences, creeks, forest, wine barrels, torii, the barrel things they have at shrines and more. The shrine itself was nice. I also went to the museum there where there was a display of ceremonial clothing that belonged to the emperor and empress.

After this I walked around Harajuku, a shopping district for a bit. I had lunch at a Coco Ichiban (a curry house) and then decided I'd had enough of walking around and all that so decided to head home. I went back to the JR Tokyo station, got my bag from the locker and caught a shinkansen back to Osaka.

Thus ends my Tokyo trip.

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SpacePup said...

'Twas great catching up with you Kevin! Hope you enjoyed your time in Tokyo :)