Saturday, December 09, 2006

Something Really Messed Up

I saw this article on the BBC news feed today and am trying to decide if I'm disgusted, revolted, or just plain shocked. A woman has been charged with aggravated murder of her own baby. The weapon of choice? Microwave oven.

As this has yet to go to trial, I won't comment specifically on the woman, as at this stage it is inappropriate to make assumptions of guilt, and innocent until guilty still applies. However, the idea of killing your own child is reprehensible.

And putting a baby in a microwave? Well, I know how a microwave works. I've had fun putting CDs in a microwave (don't leave it on long), as well as other objects. There's even a joke "Curiosity didn't kill the cat. A three year old with a microwave did". I should hope that ignorance is not part of the defense strategy.

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