Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rent A Coder No Longer So Attractive

Every so often, I check the newest jobs on Rent A Coder to see if there's any good jobs available. In recent months though, not much has shown up. Most of the jobs fall into one of three categories. 1) Bigger than I'm willing to do because of lack of knowledge and or time, 2) the maximum bid is too low to be worth my time, or 3) just plain scum.

It's category number three that is really making me think about not checking Rent A Coder for new jobs. When this sort of job is the majority of work available, I'm not so keen to be a part of it.

Some recent examples of less than noble jobs include someone's semester long project (with a deadline of 3 days), someone who wants their company on Wikipedia, and someone wanting you to run their Google Adwords campaign because they have been banned for breaking the rules.

I've taken one job where I went in not quite sure about the buyers intentions, and after doing a small job with them and then turned down further jobs because I didn't think they were doing the right thing.

I have heard of similar sites that I may check out, but I expect that they'll be of a similar nature.

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