Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More thoughts on Kids Classes

Monday was my third week of regular kids classes. I've learnt almost all of the kids names (although I did get Haruka (a girl) and Haruki (a boy) mixed up). I've got into the swing of the activities. I'm more energetic in the classes. This weeks lessons went OK. The kinder lesson was naming actions (he's running, she's jumping, etc). They definitely understood the words but were more interested in doing the actions than in saying what they were doing.

The juniors went a lot better than I was expecting. This weeks language was relatively tricky (is the x in the room? Yes it is/ no it isn't). I started out by making sure they understood yes it is/no it isn't (is this a ball?, is this blue, is so-and-so a girl?, etc) before moving onto the actual language involved. I think this helped a lot as the rest of the class went pretty well. I think it helped that their was one kid who really got it and led the others.

The seniors went much the same as last time. They're capable, but I'm not sure how motivated they are. They do get very competitive at times though.

I did do a few things a bit different this week. I cut out some of the singing, and switched around some of the timing and changed the games a little. A few of the ideas came from some co-teaching lessons I had on the weekend, as part of a transition for some kids classes I'm going to be taking over from one of the teachers who's leaving soon.

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