Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's Christmas in Japan

Despite not being a majority christian country, or a decent minority christian country, or even a we like to call ourselves christian but don't actually go to church or anything like that country, Japan is still getting ready for Christmas with lots of lights go up over the place, as well as other Christmasy things. The KFC near my place has Colonel Sanders is a Santa outfit.
This was taken from the staffroom at work on Friday night when there was some sort of event happening at around 7:30ish. In any event, it was all over by the time I got off work at 9. And if you look carefully, the decorations in the trees are indeed four leaf clovers. But, what the hey, they're foreign, right?
This is the Osaka JR station in Umeda. I meant to get some photos of the Hanshin station as well, but forgot to.
This is a house I can see from my balcony. It's the only one with visual range with such decoration.

This is just a photo of a big intersection in Umeda. It is intentionally blurry, to try and convey the sense of hustle and bustle (and not the fact that it's so cold my hands shake at night).

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