Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sucks to be in Australia

This to everyone in Australia who's missing bananas because they're so expensive. Yesterday I bought 4 bananas for 138 yen. That's $1.53. The last bananas I bought in Australia was $13 for three bananas.

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Hewhoblogs said...

I pretty much agree with the title though the bananas are the least of it.

Ruth Bilowus Butler said...

I bought bananas today. They were .25 cents a lb. in Santa Fe NM.

Imani said...

Thirteen?? Why on earth are they so expensive there? I get about 4 or 5 organic bananas for 59 cents.

Esonlinji said...

Imani, earlier this year a large cyclone hit the main banana growing region in Australia, and about 90% of the Australian banana crop was destroyed. Since then supply and demand has seen the price skyrocket.