Friday, November 17, 2006

National Chapter Writing Month

So, my partaking in National Novel Writing Month is progressing, but at nowhere near the needed 1667 words per day. So far I'm at just above 2000. I think I'll aim to double that. Today I reached a kind of finishing point for the first chapter. I'm thinking of creating a bit of an interlude before starting chapter two. I'm thinking of a kind of future historical document hinting at what is to come, a bit like the quotations at the start of each chapter in Dune, but I don't know if I can write enough to make it worthwhile without giving away too much of what's to come (which of course would mean I'd have to make it up now as well, instead of as I go). Actually I've just thought of maybe writing something that's a current history book in the story, giving a bit of information as to where the stories set (like the bits and pieces at the end of each chapter of The Watchmen).

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Anonymous said...

Asimov's Foundation Series has something like that - little excerpts from the Encyclopedia Galactica (I believe) related to the events in question... Sometimes they reveal a lot, sometimes not so much. Sometimes they throw doubt over the story, or over the motives of the historians who document it later :) Quite a pleasant way to draw some politics into the story...