Saturday, November 18, 2006

OJ Simpson is the biggest idiot ever

OK, so a long time ago, some people got killed, and someone was tried and found not guilty. There was a lot of controversy, perhaps some legal shenanigans. Following the trial where he was found not guilty, a there was a civil suit against the person by the family of the people killed, and due to different standards in civil and criminal suits, some liability was found and he had to pay a lot of money to the families. There was a lot of doubt about the whole thing, and there were many different opinions about his guilt.

Now, more than a decade after all this happened, you'd think this person would be trying to avoid anything related to this unpleasant series of events. But no, O.J. Simpson is about to release a book called "If I Did It", which tells how he would have gone about committing the murder of his wife and another man, if he had done it. He features as the central character, and the book goes into significant detail.

I'm curious if the investigators who worked on the case will read the book, and how close it comes to the way they thought events happened.

While Simpson cannot be tried again for the crime, this does seem a rather foolish and or callous thing to write.

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Anonymous said...

I was utterly astounded when I read about his case years after the event. I typically shun "breaking news", which is almost always utter bullshit - but for some reason it came up again years later, and I am absolutely stunned that the case was not proved beyond reasonable doubt. Cross contaminated DNA is simply smoking gun evidence in my book. And that's only the beginning of the mountain of evidence against him.

I lost all faith in the US legal system at this point - clearly it oughtn't be perfect, and there ought to be some accidents here and there. But it's unlikely to be a coincidence that such a high profile case goes as may be predicted. Seems that money can buy you impunity to commit murder. I certainly won't buy the book.