Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fan Mail 2

Well, not so much fan mail as a goodbye letter. This was written by one of my students I've taught for almost a year.

Since it is a bit tricky to read in the picture the text is exactly as follows.

to kevin
Hello this is cindy.
I hear that you will go back to your countty so I am sad.
After you go to your country bat don't forget us.
live healthy and huppily.
Don't forget me. and I won't forget you too. Good bye

While I doubt I'll forget completely about any of the kids I've taught (although there are a few I wouldn't mind forgetting) things like this do stick and show you you haven't been completely useless at the job.

On a less pleasant note, it seems this is no longer in my souvenir box, which causes me some concern as to where it may have gone. I have done a slight culling of the souvenir box, but there's no way I would have got rid of it. I really hope it turns up somewhere.

End Post
Writing time: 33 minutes (I went looking for the previous letter)
Time since last post: half a day or so
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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a souvenir box! I'm going to start one when I go overseas :)