Friday, February 20, 2009

Untitled Poem

Written while on the train.

The journey goes on and on
The wheels turn and turn
And still I am so far away
From the place for which I yearn

In solitude I sit and sit
An empty mind to think and think
This days travels over distances far
Is still just one small link

Time passes as I wait and wait
Within my sight things appear and disappear
One hour or two, ten trees or twenty
My destination is still not near

I cannot just sleep and sleep
My bed at night goes to and fro
The cushions do not soften it
The gentle rumble brings comfort though

The noise keeps on a steady pace
Across the land we race and race
I do not know how I now seem
I dare not look into my face

The plains I see are vast and great
From our path we do not deviate
The rails we follow loom ahead
Two lines of metal seal our fate

I marvel at this massive feat
To link two points so far away
We've traveled for two days so far
We've made but one third of our course

I ponder on my rhyming scheme
Now long abandoned for freer verse
I think I should end my efforts now
Before the meta makes things worse

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