Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some random photos

Just a few pictures that have been lying about on my phone.

The pseudo Italian place that I've had dinner at most nights (20 out of 27 including tonight).

The Sunday before last a group of people (including me) went to an all you can eat and drink restaurant in Juso, and afterwards went down to the river to hang about for a bit before the last train. This is a view looking across the river.
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Unknown said...

The river looks very pleasant :) I don't know how people could live very far from the water... Would give me the heebie geebies not seeing the water most days...

Esonlinji said...

It's not great a photo, asthere wasnn't all that much light.

I cross a few rivers on the way o work, although not the river the pictures looking across. Plus this is Japan, there's only so far you can get from the coast.