Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Growing Hair

It's been a little over two weeks since my hair got shaved to within a millimetre or two of my scalp. At that time, I looked almost like a skinhead, and I was a bit concerned that the company I work for would think I'd gone to far in the other extreme (They had already told me I would have to cut my hair before showing up for work in Japan). However it's grown relatively quickly, and is maybe almost a centimetre long now so it's no longer at the point where I can grow facial hair longer than the hair on my head (trust me, it looks terrible when the hair on your head is shorter than the hair on your face).

If my hair continues to grow at this rate, it should look almost normal around Christmas time, and I may have to get at least one haircut before my contract is finished. Once I'm done though, I don't plan to cut it again for a while (After the next eight years I'm just going to get a regular haircut though, none of this no 2 blade stuff).

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