Saturday, October 07, 2006

Is it spam?

Yesterday I got an email offering to sell me packs of carbon nanotubes of various types and qualities in quantities ranging from 2 grams to 1 kilo for a mere 500 euros per unit, with a special deal of 3 for the price of two. Since I have no need for carbon nanotubes, except for the fun of saying I have some, I'm going to pass up on the offer.

But I'm debating if it was spam or not. One the one hand, it is an unsolicited advertisement from a company I've had no previous dealings with, so by that measure it is spam.

However, the message was all correctly spelled, had proper grammar, only included numerals and symbols in appropriate places, had no exclamation marks, and links to what appears to be a legitimate website.

The company has used a mass mailing service to get it message out, but they did send it to my email address at the UQ Physics department, and it is vaguely related to the field of physics I was working in, maybe only one or two degrees of seperation. So while it is a bit indiscriminate, at least it's not like some things that are advertised in other spam (viagra, american mortgages, dodgy jobs involving making bank transfers, nigerian 411 scams, investment oportunities, depression medication, and other such things) they aiming a bit more narrowly.

So, it probably is spam, but it is not obnoxious spam, so I'm not going to mark it as spam in gmail, just archive it.

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