Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Damn Sony

Over the last few days, the headphones I use with my iPod have stopped working (the right earpiece no longer makes any noise), so today I went looking for a new set. The store I went to had a large shelf full of headphones, but most of them looked like cheap crappy things. In the end I reluctantly decided on a pair of Sony headphones for about 3000 yen that looked like they'd last more than a few days and had a cable that reached from the pocket I keep my iPod in to my ears.

I was reluctant to buy Sony because they've done some rather bad things to customers over the last year or so. Malware on CDs that can help computer virii hide on your computer and mess up the drivers on your computer and the following response when found out, the continual fumbling with the PS3, and others I can't think of of the top of my head have made me decide that I wouldn't give my money to Sony.

I haven't really kept to that, because there have been things I've wanted and bought without bothering to check who made them, and only found out after that Sony was involved in making it (Mirrormask is a good example). Today, the Sony headphones seemed the best out of a poor showing.

I was terribly disappointed when I started using the headphones. The sound quality is terrible, and I needed to turn the volume right up to be able to hear what I was listening to. The sound is tinny, and none of the equalizer settings helped out much. I'm thinking of getting another set once my advance comes through in the next few days.

I may even fork out 4500 yen for a set of apple headphones, as the set that came with my iPod were quite good, and lasted for a lot longer than most headphones do.

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