Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hair cut

At the going away party that was held Saturday before last (the 16th) I got my head shaved. Nova had said I had to have a haircut before I started working for them, and for quite some time, I had said that when I finally did get a haircut, it would be all the way. So I stuck to what I had said and got my head shaved. I got one of my housemates to do it, as he had shaved his head a few times before. The following are some of the photos with commentary, and then some thoughts on the matter.

The first cut is always the deepest.

work in progress

The ponytail

After getting a hairdresser to neaten things up.

OK, so there wasn't much commentary.

Since then it has grown back faster than I thought it would (although it may just be that when your hair is only a few millimetres long another millimetre looks like a lot). It'll be a while before I need to comb it or anything, but it no longer feels like a bald head. It also looks a lot darker than it did while it was long, but will probably look brown again when it gets longer.

One bit of advice, and this is with all due respect to Justin, make sure the person shaving your head doesn't get in to the drinks before the head shaving.

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I just noticed the huge number of things that are labelled "stuff" :) I wonder whether there's anything deeper to that...