Thursday, September 21, 2006

Engrish Ahoy

So far while in Japan I've picked up a few instances of Engrish. The first was at the airport where there was an ad for "fine groumet food". Today while wondering around Osaka, I saw an optometrist offering "freams, lens, and cleaning fluid". More will be reported as I encounter them.

Edit: 10:23 22/9/06 I just bothered typing up the third example I remembered a while ago. One the toilet each day after the cleaner has been in my room the toilet has a strip of paper telling me the toilet has been sanitarized.

Edit: 20:30 23/9/06 At the train station I had the choice of getting a single trip ticket or buying a commutation ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin!
Hope everything is going alright in Japan! Are you enjoying it?
I'll keep checking your blog for updates :)

Anonymous said...

White and Nerdy.

Esonlinji said...

I already saw it this morning (it was on slashdot) and got almost all the jokes (I didn't recognise the guy danceing with Al in the white background scenes).