Monday, September 18, 2006

1 Day To Go

Tomorrow I fly to Japan. I've moved all my stuff over to my uncle's place, and today I'm cleaning the room, leaving it in a decent condition for whoever moves in.

On Saturday night I had a going away party. It wasn't huge, but a few friends came over and a generally goodtime was had. The big event was the cutting of my hair. Word of advice to everyone. Limit the alcohol consumption of the barber-to-be.

I'm a bit more daunted by this move than previous ones. It's not the distance, the not knowing anyone on the other end of the move. It's the not being sure of what I'm doing. Every other time I've moved there's been a certainty of purpose that's missing this time.

In any case, I'm going. What will happen, happens. I'll save as much as I can, enjoy the travelling after and then decide on what I want to do after that.

My initial thinking for after that was 1 more year of study to become a high school teacher, but through a podcast I listen to about a masters degree in Science and the Public at a university in the US, which sounds quite interesting, but funding it and my living expenses while there would need to be worked out.

Well, cleaning awaits.
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