Friday, September 15, 2006

Adventures in eBay

As part of my packing up and moving process, I'm getting rid of some stuff. Mostly it's stuff that I packed into a box last time, and have not touched since then. Some has just been thrown out, some I've given to housemates and friends. Some I've tried to sell on eBay.

This has had mixed success. Two out of four items sold, one for the starting price and one for $1.50 over the starting price. I had thought I was being generous with the postage charges I specified when setting up the auctions. Unfortunately, one of my buyers was in Western Australia, and when comibing postage and packaging, I actually came out about 3 dollars down. Fortunately I was ahead on the other item that sold, so I'm not out of pocket overall. Next time I won't fix postage until I know where I'll have to send it.

I also now have to pay the listing fees, which now that I've found where they're listed, shouldn't be troublesome.

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