Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boom Times at Gloucester High

A baby boom that is. The number of students having babies this year has quadrupled and it turns out that this is no accident. A group of girls have made a pact to all get pregnant and raise their children together. They've been so successful that the school has opened up a day care center for student's children.

They don't quite seem to get what they're getting into with all this, and don't seem to be taking the whole process very seriously. One of the girls child is fathered by a 24 year old homeless. I'm pretty sure he's not going to contribute much to raising the child.

Another example of why they shouldn't be doing it comes from a schoolmate explaining why they're doing it. She says "They're so excited to finally have someone to love them unconditionally." This is wrong for many reasons. First, they should think back to how they were as kids, which shouldn't be too hard since it wasn't so long ago, and try and remember if they unconditionally loved their parents all the time. Then someone should tell them that the way babies show their unconditional love is by waking you up at 3am with their crying and then puking over your shoulder.

Human life is a precious thing, and those who bring a new baby into the world should be sure that they are aware of and ready for the responsibilities that go with it. By their attitude and actions, these girls have shown that they have done neither.

I just hope these girls get their act together and start treating life more seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Libs have a hard pill to swallow on this one.

Don't you get it??? These girls REFUSED birth control. They had access to it. Hell, they were in the high school health clinic all the time getting pregnancy tests to find out if Billy Bob hit their timing just right. NOTHING could have stopped their quest to get pregnant. These were not accidental pregnancies by naive kids. They are not retarded or braindead!! They knew what they were trying to do!!

These are not young newly weds. These tramps screwed over and over with any boy till they got pregnant. Even the news media said the pregnancy test requests at the school had skyrocketed!! Okay, then what is your definition of a slut. This is what the Webster online dictionary says: SLUT - 1 chiefly British : a slovenly woman 2 a: a promiscuous woman. Now, I am not judging these kids, but they fit the definition of SLUTS!!!!

Hewhoblogs said...

What on Earth are you on about?

If, as you say, nothing could have stopped them in their quest to become pregnant then in what way did the policies of these libs affect the outcome? The idea that there were once some kids who refused birth control and got pregnant and therefore we should withdraw it as an option just, for some reason, doesn't sit well with me.

While I agree that the pregnancies were not accidental the girls in question appear to any rational observer to be supremely naive. Three year olds who jump off of a roof in an attempt to fly also know what they are trying to do. This does not alter the magnitude of their naivety.

What does whether they're married or not have to do with anything? If they were married it would not alter the enormity of the folly.

The term slut carries with it the implication that the 'slut' is having sex for the sake of sex. It also carries the implication that this is a bad thing, but let us leave that to one side. These girls may have had a lot of sex but it was to have children. The sex was not the object. The issue here is not that the girls had a lot of sex but that they had such unrealistic notions about motherhood.

You're entire diatribe is in aid of judging these young women so don't try to claim otherwise.

Also exclamation marks can exist by themselves.