Friday, May 02, 2008

Get with the times Lesbians

Natives of the Greek island of Lesbos have gone to court to stop homosexual groups using the term "lesbian" to refer to women who like women. Apparently using the term "lesbian" to refer to such women disgraces the residents of the island, who also like to call themselves "lesbians", and that this is a violation of the residents human rights.

The "lesbians" of Lesbos need to get a grip. You don't see people from Anus, Tittisee or Three Cocks getting all upset about the names of the places their from being rather sexual in modern language. The "lesbians" need to realise that the word "lesbian" has another meaning, which isn't all that new. "Lesbian" was first used to refer to women who like women in 1591. You should have complained then, "lesbians".

"Lesbians", you're not going to win this battle. The "lesbians" have won control of the word "lesbian". I recommend sucking it up and going along with the sensible idea that your government had when it renamed the island Mytilini, which would make you guys Mytilinians, which sounds kind of cool. Or you could go with Lesbosians, but that still sounds a lot like "lesbian".

Finally, I know I may have used the word "lesbian" a bit more than entirely necessary, but can I really give up the chance to legitimately get my blog listed in Google when someone searches for "lesbian"? Of course not.

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Erkogirl said...

My oh my, you sound angry!!!!

Esonlinji said...

This isn't me angry. This is me making fun of people for being stupid. If you want angry me, read the previous post about the Korean Government stopping me from playing online poker.

Anonymous said...

What a shock! Unbeknownst to me, I was about 20km from Three Cocks about a month ago - if only I'd have known I would've made a special effort :)