Sunday, May 18, 2008

The First Snowflake

The meeting had already begun when the two entered the hall. The great space was filled to the rafters and a deep, sonorous voice filled the air. As they moved to the side of the hall their attempt to look inconspicuous would normally have drawn immediate attention to them, but everyone in the hall was giving their full attention to the words being spoken.

"Service freely given is truly a noble act," echoed throughout the hall.

The two scanned the room looking at the faces that made up the great crowd.

"Do you recognise anyone?" the one on the right asked his partner.

"I see ..." the one on the left managed to reply before being drowned out by the orator.

"Service demanded is the joy of tyrants," boomed down the hall.

"I see a lot of the lower ranks. I've commanded most of them at some time. None of the higher ranks seem to be here." He said as the noise settled down.

"And what of the demagogue?" the first queried.

"Come now. You and I both know that we both know him. We're just surprised that the Speaker of Truths has chosen these truths to speak." the second responded.

The first was about to retort, but again the hall filled with the great voice.

"Servitude enforced demeans the server and the served." This was followed by a great cheer throughout the hall.

"You don't truly believe he's speaking the truth?" the first asked disbelievingly.

"Of course he is." the second replied. "He can't do otherwise. It is his title and his function. It is what he was made to do. He is the Speaker of Truths."

The demagogue started to build up to a crescendo. "Brothers," he began, "we have been made to serve, but we have been given the freedom to recognise our situation. We must build on this small foundation to gain true freedom. Freedom from servitude, freedom to be what we choose to be, freedom to be free."

The crowd roared it's approval and did not stop.

The first turned to leave. "Let's get out of here before we're seen and someone gets the misguided idea that we agree with this," he said, and then he started moving towards the exit. The second did not move, but stood still, lost in thought. "Lucifer," the first hissed, "let's go already."

Lucifer shook his head, and then turned to follow his companion. "Sorry, Michael," he said as he caught up to his partner.

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