Friday, May 23, 2008

Someone got hit with a cluebat

Finally someone in Myanmar got a clue. The junta running the country has finally allowed all foreign aid workers into the country to help them sort out the damage caused by cyclone Nargis. It is way past time that this was done. It has been almost three weeks since the cyclone hit and many countries have been willing and waiting to help out in any way they can, but have until now been turned down. There has been a group of US Navy ships filled with supplies have been waiting just outside Myanmar's territorial waters until they were allowed in to help. It is just ridiculous that it has taken this long for the Myanmar government to make this decision.

Someone else who was hit with a cluebat today was John McCain. He has finally admitted that the "Reverend" John Hagee is bat shit loco and that he doesn't want his support. This is good because while Obama was copping flak over his preacher, no one was calling out McCain for his preacher, and trust me, Hagee is much more out there than Jeremiah Wright.

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