Friday, February 29, 2008

Women can do what now?

Is anyone else just learning that it is some sort of tradition that women are allowed to propose on February 29th during a leap year1?

I've been through many leap years and have never before been told of this.2 I wasn't aware there was any sort of restrictions on who was allowed to propose these days. I sort of had the idea that things had changed from the grand romantic gesture to more of a mutually agreed upon decision.3

And while this seems to be a minor gain in a battle I already thought won, it is somewhat undone by the fact that many women still expect the man to cough up for the engagement ring.

1) not that February 29th can occur in any other sort of year
2) I'm pretty sure this only got into the newspaper because today is February 29th.
3) Not that I'm opposed to grand romantic gestures, it's just they can put an awful lot of pressure on a person and can be rather make or break situations. But when done right, very impressive.

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Erkogirl said...

Apparently the engagement ring should be worth between one and three months salary....You better get saving for the future Mrs Brake

Esonlinji said...

Or I could propose while unemployed.