Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Heath Ledger is dead. I'm sure everyone has heard this news.

This is an unfortunate event.

It is not important enough that more than half (32 out of 63) of the news articles in my RSS feeds are about it ( is mostly to blame).

The death is news. Kevin Rudd's reaction to the death is not news. Mel Gibson's reaction to the death is not news. How his family is grieving is not news. You get the idea.

Something happening to a celebrity is not automatically news.

Journalists please take note of that. I don't want to hear about Britney's latest fuck up or the new hairdo Jennifer Aniston got after breaking up with Brad Pitt (I know that's old but I don't pay attention to this shit). It's not news. Celebrities doing token charity work is not news. Ordinary people dedicating themselves to charity work is news.

Anyway, apologies to Heath Ledger for using his untimely death as an opportunity to rant about the news industries obsession with celebrity.

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