Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I want these

Two cool items have recently popped up on Slashdot that I would like to acquire, but probably never will.

First up is the new rail gun the US Navy has acquired. It fires projectiles at up to Mach 8, but the electricity bill is likely to be the killer. The weapon requires 32MJ of energy, and can draw current at up to 3 million amps. That'll blow most fuses. It is also a prototype, so don't expect ships loaded up with this beast any time soon.

A bit more attainable is The Torch, and it definitely deserves the definite article. This illuminating device puts out a impressive amount of light. It can light cigarettes, ignite paper and even fry an egg. Battery life though is less than impressive, a mere 15 minutes. Maybe I could take the batteries from the rail gun and connect them up to the torch.

I'll finish with something I don't want. McDonalds in the United Kingdom is set to offer a employee training course that grants the completer the equivalent to completing high school. Sure give training, and make it worthwhile, but I don't want people dropping out to work at McDonalds instead.

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