Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh, this is going to work

Problem: A global faith based organisation has had, and faces concerns that it still has a worrying large number of officials who have, on occasion, got their jollies from young children.

Solution: Perpetual prayer to cleanse the clergy by every diocese, parish, convent, monastery, and seminary.

That's right. The Roman Catholic Church's latest weapon to clean up its act after numerous allegations of paedophilia by priests is to have everyone pray for it to stop.

Because, as we all know, prayer works. It can cure the sick. It's been tested. Oh, wait. No, it didn't work. Actually those prayed for ended up getting worse. Perhaps we should pray for priests to become paedophiles (note: I'm not actually suggesting this), because apparently God digs reverse psychology.

I get the Church has a vested interest in promoting prayer. But on this matter, they really should be doing something a little bit more concrete.

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