Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vote for Dr Karl

So as most people who read this should know, an election is coming up in Australia in the next few months. So all of the parties are planning who's going to run and negotiating preferences.

I saw today an announcement from a small party I hadn't heard of before that piqued my interest. The Climate Change Coalition (the CCC) (presumably a single issue party) has recruited Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (I copied and pasted his last name from the news article) as their number two candidate for the senate in New South Wales.

I'm not sure I'd otherwise vote for this party (I'm not sure if they'll be running in Queensland), but I would vote for Dr Karl, and would recommend those who can do so. Dr Karl is a reasonably cool guy, although maybe a bit too casual for parliament. OK, maybe don't vote for him. But it would be a bit of a change.

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Unknown said...

Yes - the Climate Change Coalition (CCC) has two Senate candidates in Queensland.

Phil Johnson:

Steve Posselt:

The CCC candidates see the party as an "every issues" party - because climate change directly impacts every facet of life.

The CCC has purposefully focused on the "long term" - just like climate change is long term. Climate change is also the biggest issue modern humanity has ever faced.

Phil Johnson
Lead Senate candidate for Queensland
Climate Change Coaltition