Thursday, August 23, 2007

Japan: Exporting 70% of the World's Crazy Shit Since 1960

In some ways, Japan is like many countries. Reliable electricity, hot water, internet (my 3 basic requirements for somewhere to live), tall buildings, roads, cars, commercialism, etc. But it also includes a lot of crazy stuff. People who wear long gloves while riding a bike. People who have umbrellas attached to their bike. Kids who get homework during summer vacation, and do it. Green tea kit kats, orange kit kats (OK, this one is actually nice), kiwi kit kats, and others I'm not quite sure of.

At any rate, there's a lot of crazy over here. And in the news today I saw another example of the crazy. A man has sent his finger to the Prime Minister as a protest to his decision not to visit Yasukuni shrine (Yasukuni is where the war dead of Japan are enshrined, including 14 war criminals, making official visits by the Prime Minister a touchy subject with neighbouring countries). Accompanying the finger was a DVD containing pictures of the man cutting off his finger, and he has been charged with intimidating a government official.

This I must say is all in rather poor taste. This man is obviously taking things way to seriously, and this is what has led him to this rather unpleasant situation.

Anyway, that's today dose of crazy from Japan

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