Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I see your 50, and raise you another

Last night I went to a poker game at a friends house. All round it was a pretty good night. The poker was good, the conversation was good, etc, etc. I had a slow start and sat out the first half dozen or so hands, but once I got a good hand played it a bit too strong but ended up winning. Overall, I had a conservative style that meant I ended up with a bit more money than I started with. I didn't think I'd done as well as the last time I played, as last time I gave out chips for a few buy ins but this time I didn't, but in the end the payout was about the same.

After the poker there was a bit more drinking and talking where I was a bit of the odd one out neither drinking nor smoking, but I can handle being the odd one out for those reasons.

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