Monday, December 23, 2013

By The Numbers 51/52

Almost at the end of the year.

Net Cash:-$33.06
edit: Forgot about the rent. damn.
Jobs applied for: 0

Calories: too many
Weight: 93 kg
Exercise: A few walks in the park with the dog.

Bike riding: 515km
Books read: 1
I finally finished The Signal and the Noise. It was interesting, but didn't go into as much into methodology and such as I would have liked.
Games played: 4 Glory to Rome, London x2, Age of Industry (my first win, and a close game coming down to the tie breaker splitting 1st and 2nd)
 Bones painted: 0.5 I finished the halfling I was painting, but since then I have given it as a Christmas gift to a friend (it reminded me of their character in an RPG we played together) I don't have any pictures of it finished.

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